Rent A Vet Services, LLC™ was started in 2016 as a landscape/handyman service. Amy went back to school for accounting and business and one class stated to start a small business, so she came up with the idea for the least expensive home based business start up cost. She came up with the name of Rent A Vet and the ideal of hiring veterans. Scott thought we should of been called “Rent A Dude.”

In 2019 Amy shared ownership with Scott making it a Veteran Owned Business (he owns majority) which will open more doors for us with government projects.

We have continued to evolve as a business with the purpose of providing veteran households with an economic opportunity to succeed.  In March 2019 we became an ROC Contractor for home improvement.

Our long term vision is to have a training center where we can bring veterans who want to learn new skills, be their “own boss” and provide for their families by teaching them the skills they will need in order to become a part of a growing business in many areas of the country. We are hoping to one day be able to grow to other states and provide services to across the United States.